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Planting the Seeds of Wellness

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant." -Robert H. Schuller


My previous work in public health as a Chair for a local health task force imbued many philosophies that I strive to live by. Working directly with local schools, businesses, and health leaders taught me how to make a change in a community’s overall wellness that starts today and improves tomorrow. A healthier community environment can change the course of the obesity epidemic and better your own personal happiness.

Two of my favorite topics to teach are health and wellness, especially as a self-proclaimed “non-diet”-itian. As a dietician, I believe that it is more important to promote and adapt to a healthy lifestyle rather than labeling foods to be either good or bad. Rather, I emphasize a balance in eating right, exercising enough, and having the right kinds of fun!

Personally, I love food: everything from creating and cooking it to eating it. I rarely enjoy a meal without something I harvested from my garden, whether it is fresh arugula from my cold frame, sun-dried tomato with my own basil, or even home-roasted red peppers. Food and gardens enchant my life and my memories -- even as a child I would use a seed catalog to transport me to my own magical place. It is my belief that being truly well stems from making us healthy in our hearts and within our soul. For me, growing things in my garden is my form of therapy.

As an avid gardener, foodie, and flower aficionado, I cherish the time I spend tending to each of my 100+ dahlias, all of my vegetables, and my entire herb collection. As Luther Burbank once said, “Flowers are food, sunshine, and medicine for your soul” (and trust me when I say I feed my soul very well!). With this blog, I hope I am able to provide you with links, recipes, information, and inspiration to plant a seed of wellness within you, to nurture it and watch it grow. We may need to weed out some issues along the way, but together we will grow a healthier tomorrow one community at a time.

In Good Health,


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